- Buyers Guide for Bariatric Adult Briefs -

- Buyers Guide for Bariatric Adult Briefs -

Who would use a bariatric adult incontinence brief?

Bariatric adult diaper briefs are designed for individuals who have a waist size that is larger than 60 inches or weigh over 300 pounds and would be considered obese. Bariatric adult incontinence briefs are specifically designed to provide superior leakage protection and odor control. They are equipped with flexible stretchy tabs for maximum comfort and for easy application. Bariatric incontinence products are only made as a brief and not as an adult underwear. When using a brief that is to small you will have problems with leakage and odor.

Top Picks for Bariatric incontinence products

The features of a bariatric adult incontinence brief are:

  • Accommodates larger waists (up to xxx-large)

  • Flexible adjustable sticky side tabs offer secure fit

  • Designed for maximum absorbency protection against urine and fecal incontinence

  • The benefits of a bariatric adult incontinence brief are:

  • Great solution for individuals that fit snugly or uncomfortably in conventional adult incontinence briefs

  • Superior leakage protection keeps the individual dry and prevents skin irritation

  • Odor is controlled by locking fluid into the core of the incontinence brief