- Buyers Guide for Incontinence Products -

- Buyers Guide for Incontinence Products -Understanding incontinence products options and determining what is the best option for you.

What is the difference between Adult Underwear and Adult Briefs?

Adult Briefs are a traditional diaper with tabs that are designed for individuals with little or no mobility or those who are bedridden. The sticky tabs offer easy application, adjustability and a flexible comfortable fit. Adult briefs are recommended for people who need constant protection and are using diapers as their main form of incontinence protection.

Adult Underwear are very similar to real underwear. They are a pull on style which is ideal for more active users. Adult Underwear are designed with a flexible elastic waistband that contours to the users body, offering maximum leakage protection. Most individuals choose Adult Underwear for protection against bladder control and incontinence issues.

Top Picks for Adult Underwear and Adult Briefs!

What level of absorbency is right for you?

Everyone has different incontinence needs. Some individuals only have light leakage issues and might only need protection just in case. For these individuals a great option would be a pad or liner. Something that can be used with their regular undergarments to offer them added security. Other individuals need constant incontinence protection for bladder leakage and moderate flow. For these individuals, a medium absorbency adult underwear or adult brief would be ideal. There are also those who have severe bladder incontinence and heavy flow issues. These individuals would be looking for maximum absorbency or overnight adult underwear and adult briefs. Below we have compiled a list of our top buyers picks based on absorbency level.

Top Buyers Pick: Light Absorbency

Additional Protection Options

Some individuals need a little more protection especially overnight. Bedding Sheets and under pads are ideal for those with heavy flow or those that cannot get out of bed easily. They are designed to provide added protection in case of leaks or heavy overnight flow, while keeping the bed dry. Most bedding sheets and under pads are machine washable and reusable.

Tops Picks: Additional Incontinence Protection

Skin Care and Cleansing

It is very important to make sure that the area is clean and dry, even for those individuals that are using light incontinence protection. Individuals that use adult underwear and adult briefs are susceptible to sensitive skin, rashes and even infection. In Home Medical Supply offers a variety of skin care and cleansing options to promote healthy skin.

Top Picks for Incontinence Skin and Cleansing