Buying Guide For Intermittent Catheters

Buying Guide For Intermittent CathetersThis page is a Buying Guide For Intermittent Catheters

What is French Size mean?

When determining what size catheter is best for your needs you will need to know what French size will work best. The French size ranges from 8 French to 18 French for intermittent catheters. The French is referring to the diameter of the catheter. The smallest size is 8 french and the largest size would be a 18 French. The most common size are 14 French and 16 French.

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What is a Hydrophilic Catheter?

A Hydrophilic catheter is a catheter that has a lubricant applied to the catheters when it is packaged. In the packaging you have an intermittent catheter along with a packet of sterile water. In order to activate the lubricant on the catheter squeeze the water packet and this hydrates the lubricant on the catheter. This eliminates the need to use a packet or tube of lubrication.

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What is a Coude Tip Catheter?

The term Coude is a French word which means curved. The tip on a Coude Tip catheter is curved which makes it easier for most men to insert. When inserting a straight tip catheter sometime men have a hard time getting the catheter through the prostate. The straight tip catheter will bend and not allow for urine to drain. When you use a Coude Tip Catheter the curve in the tip allows for the catheter to be more ridged and push through the prostate into the bladder. This Coude tip catheter is a great solution for men having problems with straight tip catheters.

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