- Buyers Guide for Adult Liners and Pads -

- Buyers Guide for Adult Liners and Pads -

Is an adult incontinence pad right for me?

Unlike adult incontinence briefs and adult incontinence underwear, Adult incontinence pads are designed without side panels to maximize discretion, mobility and easy changing. Whether you need a little protection against leakage during certain events, such as laughing or lifting weight, or you suffer from mild incontinence and need that additional peace of mind in case of an accident, adult incontinence pads are a discreet and effective way to protection against leakage and incontinence.

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What should I look for in an adult incontinence pad?

When choosing an adult incontinence pad, you should look for the following things.

Coverage: Adult incontinence pads come in many shapes and sizes. Some are thin and narrow to provide light protection against leaks, while some are larger and thicker to provide full coverage for additional protection against leaks and incontinence.

Absorbency: Absorbency also fluctuates with adult incontinence pads. There are some pads that are designed to provide light protection and peace of mind in the event of a minor incontinence incident. For individuals who are looking for constant protection, there are full coverage pads that offer maximum absorbency and overprotection. Based on your individual needs, there is an adult incontinence pad for you.

Adhesive: Adult incontinence pads are designed to fit over traditional underwear. Some pads are designed with a single adhesive strip to secure them in the underwear. Others that are larger offer the same adhesive strip, but also provide sticky tabbed or wings that adhere to the outside of the underwear as well, to provide additional security.

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When should I use adult incontinence pads?

Adult incontinence pads are designed to provide as much or as little protection as you need. Some pads or "bladder control pads" are designed to fit into traditional underwear for light to moderate incontinence protection. There are also "booster pads" that can be used in combination with adult incontinence underwear or adult incontinence briefs for additional incontinence protection. Individuals should use adult incontinence pads to meet their incontinence needs.

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